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by Bang Tran “What do plants need to grow?” It’s a question that I always ask students at the beginning of all lessons that involve planting. Light and water. Nutrients and soil. They’re all ingredients for successfully growing vegetables. Two years ago, in one of my first garden lessons at the beginning of my FoodCorps […]

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Sagdrina Jalal has suffered through health issues for as long as she can remember. It wasn’t typically incapacitating, that is, until she became pregnant. During her first pregnancy, doctors thought her symptoms were a one-off experience of preeclampsia. When the symptoms reappeared during her second pregnancy, the one-off was ruled out. When it got even […]

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team GA group at 2016 NF2C Conf

Earlier this month, 25 Georgians joined over 1,000 good food advocates from around the U.S. and Canada for the 8th Annual National Farm to Cafeteria Conference in Madison, Wisconsin. Georgia farmers, students, representatives from the Georgia Departments of Education and Agriculture, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, school nutrition staff, and community organizations joined conversations […]

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About five years ago, in community listening sessions around the state, several farmers told the staff at Georgia Organics that too often they were leaving their farmers markets with fresh, beautiful produce that was likely bound for compost piles. These conversations led to the creation of the My Market Club, a program designed to attract […]

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When Peachtree Road Farmers Market Manager Lauren Carey sees a problem, chances are she’s about to find a solution. A prime example was creating The Farmer Fund in 2015, after torrential downpours wiped out several farms a few years prior. The Fund, which exists to support farmers in the face of natural disasters and help […]

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