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Talking healthy kids with school nurses

schoolnursesGeorgia Organics hosted an exhibit at the Georgia School Nurses Association in Athens in July. Many of the school nurses that we spoke with shared their alarm at the increasing number of students with Type II diabetes in their school, and how difficult it is to address obesity issues. Our table offered organic peach samples, and we shared how edible gardens, taste tests, and local food served and promoted in the cafeteria can help prevent obesity and encourage healthy eating in a positive manner.

Georgia Department of Education Superintendent Dr. John Barge delivered the keynote address at the conference and pointed to farm to school as a solution for schools to consider. “We need to get creative about how to address nutrition,” he told the group.¬†“This crisis is impacting our kids and it’s going to take everyone working together. Farm to School is one of those creative solutions.”

Also this month, Principal Pam Johns of South Jackson Elementary School in Jackson County presented at the Georgia Educational Leaders Conference on Jekyll Island. Principal Johns shared her experience in building and growing a school wide farm to school program that addresses both academics and health, as well as why she felt like it should be a critical component of any school.

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