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Talking with: Grant Park Farmers Market My Market Ambassador Lolly Beck-Pancer

lollyLolly Beck-Pancer is the My Market Club ambassador for the Grant Park Farmers Market.

What was your first farmers market experience like? My first market was in Claremont, Calif., where I would stock up on dates and grapes. Moving to the South was the first time I tried okra and muscadines. I’m impressed by the creativity of our vendors. I love when they support each other: Sparta Imperial Mushrooms will prepare savory samples with Beautiful Briny Sea Salt or Grace’s Goodness will make parfaits with strawberries from Patchwork City Farms.

Do you have any funny/interesting stories about encounters with My Market Club members who were at the market for the first time? I love when people are blown away by the prizes. I also like when people take my jokes seriously. Wait? My Market Club Card will get me into the Delta Sky Club Lounge!?! It feels super rewarding when people bring friends to share the joy of market.

Why do YOU love farmers markets? I love the sense of community at farmers markets. For me a strong sense of community is as important for your health as eggplants!

What vegetable do you look forward to most during market season? I look forward to learning about new vegetables. Crack in the Sidewalk Farmlet will bring in Black Locust Blossoms or chanterelles or Jackson Lowe Vegetable Farm will bring tender Asian greens I have never seen before. This is not a vegetable but I LOVE watermelon.

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