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Best farm-to-school GIF ever of all time


Communities are vitally important to successful farm to school programs. It takes more than just teachers and students; in Habersham County, where we’re piloting a comprehensive farm to school program, everyone from school nutrition staff to Georgia Department of Education officials are rolling up their sleeves and making really exciting things happen. (Read about some of them here and here.)

Last week several of us went to the Habersham County Farm to School Harvest Celebration, where over 400 people in the community came out to kick up their heels and honor all the people who make what’s happening there so special.

We were able to get a group photo of almost everyone there who’s involved with their farm to school program, and this photo shows just how many people—and how many different groups—are necessary to get healthy, fresh food into school lunchrooms, and food and agriculture education into classrooms. So naturally, our Farm to School Assistant Emily Rose had the brilliant idea to make it into a GIF. (It came to her in a dream! Really!)

So here you go, a GIF that shows you all the people who make farm to school work. (You should view it big, too, so click here.)


  1. Wendy Dieffenbacher – Christan ~ You possess a tlnaet and a gift that only very few of us in this world have; the ability to capture a memorable moment in time, and portray it in such a way, that one might think they were in the moment experiencing it for themselves. Your unique sense of style, humor, and laid-back personality were exactly what we needed for our big day. We left the Central Coast in complete awe at how you made our day so special. We come back to Georgia with the feeling that we have found a new friend. We are truly your biggest fans.~Aaren and WendyJune 22, 2010 3:04 pm

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