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Pass an Organic Farm Bill

Melody Myers, a VP for United Natural Foods and sponsor of the 2013 Georgia Organics conference, wrote this update on the farm bill and the priorities for more organic production, research and promotions.

The organic message is clear and concise:


  • Pass a comprehensive Farm Bill this year! A current farm bill with organic priorities will support farmers, ranchers and food security

  • Support the Senate proposal on the National Organic Certification Cost Share (NOCCS) program. The National Organic Coalition NOC has provided a Fact Sheet HERE for more information about the NOCCS

  • Authorize $16 million in funding for each year of FY 2014-2018 for Organic Research and Extension Initiative-OREI

  • Include the Organic Data Initiatives, ODI, for $5 million in mandatory funding for each year of FY 2014-2018.

  • Fully support the National Organic Program- NOP with $15 million in funding for each year of FY 2014-2018.

  • Approve $5 million for a one time spend for technology upgrades at the National Organic Program-  NOP.

  • Keep the language intact for an exemption for organic producers and handlers from conventional research and promotion orders and an authorization for USDA to consider an application for an organic research and promotion program.

Georgians, Sen. Saxby Chambliss (202-224-3521) and Rep. Austin Scott R-8th (202-225-6531) are both on the Farm Bill Conference Committee.

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