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Why We’re at Sunbelt


It’s touted as North American’s premier farm show. After seeing the miles of tractors, farm equipment, and commodity crop demonstrations, nobody can disagree. Over 100,000 people attend the Sunbelt Ag Expo each year. Farmers from across the region come to see the latest products and systems that promise greater efficiencies and improved yields. All of the most important agricultural organizations—from UGA to FFA—are represented there. Which is to say, it’s the place to be.

Last year was our first year at Sunbelt, and we pulled together the first-ever Organic Pavilion, which was an assemblage of the best vendors of products, information, and opportunities for organic producers. (Check out our photos from last year here.)

Georgia Organics is a legitimate organization within the agriculture community and deserves a place at Sunbelt. Our involvement enables us to demonstrate opportunities in organic production to conventional commodity growers in South Georgia. By bringing more attention to the success of certified organic inputs, we hope conventional growers will adopt production practices that are more environmentally sensitive and leave their soils with more organic matter and better mineralization. Plus, we just like to spread the gospel of more chemical-free fresh fruit and vegetable consumption.

The folks at Sunbelt (and the state of Georgia, honestly) are the kindest in the world. We had a great reception last year, and we’re grateful for all of the help and attentiveness the Sunbelt staff provides. Attendees found valuable information from vendors such as Georgia Organic Solutions, whose Neem product is an effective control of nematodes in peanuts.

I’d be remiss not to mention our wonderful group of vendors: Georgia Organic Solutions, Farmers Organic, SeaAgri, Longwood Plantation, Organic Valley, Coyote Creek Organic Feed Mill, Johnny’s Selected Seeds, Nature Safe Fertilizers, Southern SARE, UGA Sustainable Agriculture, MightyGrow Organics, Oliver Farm, and Georgia Organics’ Farm To School program. We’ll also have a raised bed demo featuring fresh vegetables thanks to Longwood Plantation and Farmer D Organics.

We’ll also be on tenterhooks waiting for the announcement of the Swisher Sweets Southeastern Farmer of the Year. Will Harris of White Oak Pastures is the Georgia winner. If he wins, it will be a monumental achievement for organic and sustainable agriculture in the state.

We’ll be in the Organic Pavilion near the University of Georgia’s building from Oct. 15-17. Come say hi!

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