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FoodCorps is coming to Georgia!

superman-batman-alex-rossWe’re thrilled—thrilled!—to announce that FoodCorps, a national organization that connects children in underserved communities to real food in order to help them grow up healthy, announced its intentions to expand to Georgia, and Georgia Organics will serve as its host.

That means that the foremost national farm to school organization in the country is teaming up with us, the organization that brought the first-ever farm to school program to Georgia seven years ago. It means more boots on the ground, more school gardens, and more Georgia students eating healthy, fresh, local food.

Applications are open now and are due March 30. Find out more about the type of work you’d be doing here.

The first three FoodCorps classes have brought important progress to the schools they serve—from making local cabbage and collards staples in North Carolina cafeterias, to getting New Mexico students excited about fresh pomegranates; from building or revitalizing hundreds of school and community gardens, to engaging thousands of volunteers and parents in their efforts. In addition, FoodCorps has provided valuable skills and training to the service members who go through the program, setting them up for careers in food, health and education. Benefits of AmeriCorps service include a $17,500 stipend, health care, training, and a $5,645 education award.

Read the full press release here. This is just the beginning of an awesome journey with FoodCorps, so stay tuned for more details!

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