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Green Acres Spotlight: Chef Abigail Hutchison

abigailhutchisonChef Abigail Hutchinson was born in Rhode Island, but she was raised in North Carolina, so the South can safely claim her as our own. Though her ambitions were originally in hospitality management, her time as a server persuaded her that her real passion was food. She followed that passion to Asheville, then Amelia Island, and is now Executive Chef at the Jekyll Island Hotel Club. This year at the Farmer’s Feast she will be the lady in charge of the pig.

You can learn more about Chef Hutchinson and the Jekyll Island Hotel Club at their website.

On Working at Jekyll Island Hotel Club

I love working at the JICH.  There are so many reasons, but most importantly it’s because I have such a strong team of chefs and culinarians.  They support my beliefs when it comes to food and they get as excited as I do when we get to get out of our comfort zone and do something new and different.

On Being a Woman in a Male – Dominated Field

I have always considered myself  “one of the guys” when it comes to working in the kitchen, and that’s how I’ve always been treated.  I work just as hard as they do, and there has never been anything that I couldn’t do that would have set me apart.  I have been fortunate enough to have worked with great chefs who didn’t discriminate against me for any reason.  I don’t think being a woman has affected my journey, it’s all about how hard one is willing to work to reach her goal.

On Cooking in Coastal Georgia

Georgia wild shrimp makes us unique and everyone one on the coast will tell you that.  We have the sweetest shrimp that you can get anywhere.

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