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Kids+farm to school, in two images

Image No. 1
GIF_final_smallerOn March 21, we were at the Georgia Family, Career and Community Leaders of America Expo & State STAR Competition in Athens, where we had a blast meeting high school students from all over the state.

There were exhibits and culinary competitions — including a chicken fabrication competition with whole chickens donated by White Oak Pastures! — and the hundreds of student attendees were encouraged to visit the exhibitors such as Le Cordon Bleu, Georgia Organics, Kennesaw State University, and more, through an interactive scavenger hunt.

At the Georgia Organics table, students shared the Farm to School activities they were involved in by placing pictures that coordinate with specific activities on a map of Georgia. These activities included edible school gardens, cooking from scratch, taste test, local food procurement, and farm field trips. The end result was a map filled with tons of Farm to School icons distributed all over the state and a group of students who learned more about what they do and can continue to do to promote Farm to School at their school.

Image No. 2

CHOICES_summit_chartOn March 29, we met students from 15 different Atlanta Public Schools elementary and middle schools at the C.H.O.I.C.E.S Food Advocacy Summit in Atlanta, where we asked students to pick one of the farm to school activities they’d like to do more at their school.

The resulting bar graph meets some math standards for elementary schools, and the outcomes (which are also pictured) were as follows:

  • 22 (39.29%) chose cooking from scratch
  • 15 (26.79%) chose taste tests
  • 8 (14.29%) chose edible school gardens
  • 7 (12.5%) chose farm field trips
  • 4 (7.14%) chose local food procurement

Attendees included 150 student wellness leaders along with 100 adults who were APS teachers, parents, and community members, and everyone learned more about personal health, good food, and staying active.

Exhibitors included Wholesome Wave Georgia, Georgia Organics, the Atlanta Community Food Bank, representatives from the Atlanta Braves and the Atlanta Hawks, and more! Students were also able to participate in asking a panel of community members more about a healthy life style and how they could participate in advocating for good foods at their schools.


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