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My Market Club on Georgia Center for Nonprofits blog

We’re awfully proud of our My Market Club program, so when the Georgia Center for Nonprofits asked us to write about it for their Nonprofit Voice series, we were more than happy to oblige.

My Market Club program coordinator Danielle Moore wrote about how our goal to get more shoppers buying from growers at their local farmers markets dovetailed with another goal that’s part of our “Good Food For All” slogan: food access.

Georgia Organics believes farmers markets are poised to offer solutions—to feed people who deserve access to healthy, nutrient-dense food grown by our state’s sustainable and organic farmers.

Connecting local growers with people who are hungry makes basic sense, especially when many farmers markets accept SNAP and EBT benefits. Some markets are even able to double those benefits through a national organization called Wholesome Wave, whose Georgia chapter includes 21 markets “from Metro Atlanta to Rock Spring to Bluffton to Macon to Savannah.”

One problem: many people don’t realize their nutrition assistance dollars can be spent (or doubled!) at these markets. That’s why neighborhood outreach has been a part of My Market Club from day one.

Read the full post here, and find more about the My Market Club here!



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