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Chipotle Salsa Scavenger Hunt starts this month!

Chipotle has been a part of our My Market Club from the beginning—they believe fast food doesn’t have to be bad food, and their motto of farm to face is one we can get behind! In the My Market Club’s first year they supported us with those coveted burrito coupons—Ya know, the ones you get for bringing a friend to the market! This year their support allows us to give those wonderful $5 tokens to new shoppers on their first visit to the market.

cmg_medallionThis summer, they’re ringing in tomato season with what might be the most popular tomato recipe ever – Chipotle’s salsa! Not only will they demo how to make their delicious salsa using fresh, local tomatoes, but they’re also giving you a challenge. They’ll provide you with a list of ingredients available at the market to make their salsa, and a-hunting you will go!

Find all the ingredients listed and you’ll be entered to win great market prizes! So on the following days at the following markets, make your way over to the Chipotle tent to get started on the summer’s most delicious scavenger hunt:

And don’t miss your chance to eat burritos while supporting Georgia Organics! How could you go wrong? Georgia-Organics-FB_PartnerEmail[2]

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