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Exit Interview with Communications Intern Anna Currey

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It is reluctantly and with great sadness that we bid adieu to Anna Currey, our summer communications intern who is about to begin her junior year at Tulane University. Whether she was editing video from an urban agriculture press conference, transcribing interviews, or starting our shiny new Pinterest page, Anna has been a delight. So naturally we couldn’t let her leave without asking a few questions.

What were some unexpected things you got to experience this summer?
I had no idea I would get to see a vintage peanut sheller after hiking through fields and hopping a barbed wire fence, or chop vegetables for a cook while trying to interview her. I didn’t know I’d get to attend the JCT. Kitchen and Bar Attack of the Killer Tomato festival and get soaked. Most of all, I was couldn’t have expected be in such a great office, surrounded by so many interesting people.

Do you have a favorite blog post you worked on?
My favorite blog post was probably the cutest one—interviewing Cyndi Ball about her junior beekeepers.

If you could start the internship all over again, is there anything you’d want to do more of?
My five farm visits were my favorite experiences. I visited The Little Farm, the Good Samaritan Urban Farm, Healthy Hollows Farm, Truly Living Well’s Wheat Street Garden, and Lola’s Organic Farm. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to those farmers, seeing their work, and hearing about their experiences. If I had it to do over, I would try to see more.

What was the best meal/dish you had at Georgia Organics World Headquarters?
There are many delicious contenders, but I have to pick Director of Operations Andrew Ladd’s birthday cake: a flourless chocolate cake with chili powder made by Farm to School Coordinator Emily Rose.

What advice would you give the next communications intern?
Never be afraid to ask questions! One of the best parts about this internship was my great co-workers who were always willing to share their knowledge about organic agriculture.

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