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Farm to Friend: On Connecting Food and Faces

By Brittany Aiello, Skylight Farm

People arrive at the value of local and organic for many reasons, with countless motivations.

Some, like myself, realize the health benefits of consuming things that are grown and raised naturally. Others, like my husband, Justin Aiello of Skylight Farm, want their work to be good, something that cares for the environment and builds communities.

From left: Brittany Aiello, Kenan Crawford Hill, and Justin Aiello.

From left: Brittany Aiello, Kenan Crawford Hill, and Justin Aiello.

No matter the reason people arrive at the conclusion that local and organic are essential, there’s something about this realization that connects people and brings them together.

My husband began managing his business, Skylight Farm, at the Glover Family Farm over a year and a half ago. The land that he tends has been passed down, from organic farmer to organic farmer, for years.

Skip and Cookie Glover, who are longtime members of Georgia Organics, own the farm, and have been part of the organic food movement since its beginnings in Georgia. Justin and I have been immeasurably influenced, as a young farmer and farmer’s wife/marketing manager, by the legacy of the land we tend, including the farmers who have tended this land long before us.

It’s a good thing to know the faces that inspire us.

While managing Skylight, the vegetables we grow have not only nourished and cheered strangers, but in only the way that food can, grown friendships.

From our passionate, early-morning customers at the Piedmont Park Green Market, to our dedicated CSA members, these people first came for farm to table and now come for the community.

Every Saturday, Justin and I wait for the smiling face of Kenan Crawford Hill, an Atlanta-based food blogger and artist, to show up at our market stand. All because Kenan met Justin at market, visited the farm to paint and ultimately, became one of our first CSA members, both she and her husband have become dear friends.

It’s a good thing to know the faces that share your food.

Justin, Kenan, countless farmers, market goers and I have become part of this community for different reasons. Ultimately, we’ve all come to realize that the food that we are passionate about has brought us much more than we could have hoped to gain.

We’ve loved good food and have realized along the way that we’ve made good friends.

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