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FoodCorps Service Site Spotlight: Athens Land Trust

Georgia Organics is thrilled to be bringing FoodCorps to Georgia, and we’ve selected some incredible partner organizations to serve as the FoodCorps service Sites: the Captain Planet Foundation, the Athens Land Trust, and the Northeast Georgia Farm to School Program (Georgia Organics’ pilot program).

The Athens Land Trust will host two service members who will lead taste tests, build gardens, and demonstrate cooking lessons. These service members will spend a good deal of their time with the Classic City School’s Young Urban Farmers program and with afterschool program students.

We talked to Christina Hylton, Community Agriculture Program Director about the Athens Land Trust’s FoodCorps plans.

Athens Land Trust

Tell us a little about your organization.
Athens Land Trust is a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation established in 1994 with the the goals of land preservation, affordable, energy efficient housing, and neighborhood revitalization. ALT believes in a holistic approach to sustainable development that addresses environmental, economic and community needs. The Community Agriculture Program strives to support Athens Land Trust’s commitment to neighborhood revitalization by developing a sustainable local food system in some of Athens most food insecure communities, strengthening the local economy and building unity and wellness at the community level. The Community Agriculture Program accomplishes this through its Food Justice and Economic Development programs. Our programs work to promote food justice awareness; provide food insecure communities easy access to fresh, affordable natural foods; host education activities; support entrepreneur development; promote sustainable agriculture and is dedicated to bringing communities in Athens together.

Why are you excited about having FoodCorps at your site?
We are excited to host FoodCorps service members in our Community Agriculture Program to support our Farm to School program.

What sorts of projects will your FoodCorps service members be doing?
Our FoodCorps service members will be assisting to teach hands-on lessons about food and nutrition and hosting farm fresh cooking lessons at informal education settings including  after school programs, the boys and girls club, and our Young Urban Farmers Program. FoodCorps will also assist in building and supporting school gardens in Athens Clarke County as well as assisting in our cafeteria plate waste study activities.

What do you hope to achieve after a year of having your FoodCorps service members onsite?
After one year of working with FoodCorps, we hope we will see greater consumption of fresh produce and improved eating habits. We’d like to see students and parents increase their knowledge of what healthy food is and how to prepare nutrition meals and snacks. We also hope that the local community will have greater access to healthy food from their local community & school gardens and local farmers market.


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