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FoodCorps Service Site Spotlight: Northeast Georgia Farm to School Program

FarmerStudentHamlinPhoto.1Georgia Organics is thrilled to be bringing FoodCorps to Georgia, and we’ve selected some incredible partner organizations to serve as the FoodCorps service Sites: the Captain Planet Foundation, the Athens Land Trust, and the Northeast Georgia Farm to School Program (Georgia Organics’ pilot program).

A total of eight FoodCorps service members will serve at the three sites, and they’ll serve over 15,000 kids in the next year. (We’re eager to expand this program to additional limited resource communities over the next decade.) Because of this new program, more kids will have opportunities to grow and eat fresh, delicious food and get to know the great farmers that grow our food. So let’s get to know our service sites!

The Northeast Georgia Farm to School Program is Georgia Organics’ pilot program based in Habersham and Rabun Counties. Service members will be building school gardens, teaching nutrition education, leading teen Farm to School Ambassadors, and assisting the district make connections with local farmers. We talked to Program Coordinator Dr. Teri Hamlin.

Tell us a little about your organization.
Thanks to the collaboration and sponsorship of NEGA Food Bank and Georgia Organics the NEGA F2S program is creating a sustainable, fully developed Farm to School Program bringing together Classroom, Cafeteria, Culinary and Community to provide local, fresh and nutritious food for NEGA students, while economically supporting the local agriculture community.

Why are you excited about having FoodCorps at your site?
I’m excited to have on the ground 40 hours a week hands on service members who are passionate about connecting students to local food.

What sorts of projects will your FoodCorps service members be doing?

  • Teaching hands on lesson about food and nutrition in the gardens with a mobile cooking cart.
  • Organizing and conducting educational activities for our farm to school ambassadors.
  • Building school and community educational edible gardens

What do you hope to achieve after a year of having your FoodCorps service members onsite?
We hope to enable teacher ownership and use of school gardens as an educational lab. We also hope to increase the amount of local farm products procured and used in the cafeteria, increase student awareness of where food comes from and willingness to try new food items, and increase the number of farmers growing for or working with school educational programs.

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