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How’d You Name That Farm: Bamboo Creek Farm edition

bamboocreekAs told by Robin Chanin of the Global Growers Network.

“Bamboo Creek Farm is aptly named for its characteristic geographic features, namely a large forest bamboo and a polluted creek!! Oh yeah, it’s a farm too. I challenge you to find something more creative out there!

The name Bamboo Creek Farm was the first thing to come to mind. We then mulled over other possibilities for about 8 months (seriously!), attempting to represent the mission of Global Growers with a snazzy descriptor. Failing to do that, we settled on Bamboo Creek. This was further instigated by my grand plans to one day (hopefully sooner than later) start a band called Bamboozled Creek. Before that dream can be realized, I’d need to become a musician. Perhaps starting a farm is easier than starting a band? At least for me.

But where did all that bamboo come from, you ask? Two small patch were planted 35 years ago by Hmong refugees, and today creates a riparian buffer the length of our property along Snapfinger Creek (the largest tributary of the South River, under federal mandate to be cleaned up), creating a natural water filter and offering a wealth of building material. Quite fitting for Global Growers and our mission to connect international farmers living in Georgia to opportunities in sustainable agriculture!”

Dekalb County-area readers: Global Growers has a mid-season CSA that goes from mid-August to November, and they’re still accepting new folks!¬†

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