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Great Ideas for Healthy School Fundraisers

Recently, Georgia’s State Board of Education voted to allow exemptions to the new federal Smart Snacks rule, permitting schools 90 days of fundraising by selling junk food to kids. But schools can choose to fundraise in LOTS of ways that don’t put the health of their students in jeopardy. Here are some great ideas from the New York City Dept. of Health (see full descriptions and examples here):

  • Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Sale (potentially from a school garden)
  • Flower, Plant, or Seed Sale (potentially from items grown or seeds saved in a school garden)
  • Back-to-School Supply Sale
  • Pumpkin Sale in the Fall
  • Holiday Item Sale (i.e. wrapping paper, candles, etc.)
  • Holiday Event (i.e. concert, dinner, etc.)
  • Talent Show
  • Board Game Night
  • Flower Sale for Valentine’s Day or in the Spring
  • Graduation Sale (i.e. flowers, balloons, etc.)
  • Photo Fundraiser
  • Donation Drive
  • Fitness Fundraisers
  • Flea Markets
  • Family Dinner Events
  • Auctions
  • School Store
  • Recycling Drive

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