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Atlanta Public Schools Passes First Farm to School Resolution

BOE_Photo-B_10-6-2014[3].jpgOn Oct. 6, Atlanta Public Schools Board of Education celebrated Farm to School Month by passing the district’s first farm to school resolution. You can read the resolution here. This resolution, sponsored by Board Member Leslie Grant, notes the academic and health benefits of farm to school. The resolution also recognizes the support of over 40 APS Staff, community organizations, and foundations who have helped grow APS Farm to School activities over the last four years.

Since 2008, Georgia Organics has supported APS farm to school efforts through workshops and taste tests, and we helped the district launch their first-ever farm to school support group. In 2010 we championed the APS Task Force and Recommendations Report for farm to school, and this resolution is an exciting step that furthers the program’s possibilities for the students, teachers, and administrators of the district.

The APS Farm to School resolution is a great model for other school districts looking to garner support from their school board and administrators.  The resolution educates board members about the importance of farm to school programs and communicates a positive message that school leaders are supportive of teachers educating students in school gardens, and of school nutrition staff feeding children fresh, local food in school meals.

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