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Sound Ingredient: Okra


Fresh okra courtesy of Eugene Cooke’s Facebook page.

Sound Ingredient is a new audio series in which we reach out to farmers to talk to them about their own successful crops, the crops’ nutritional values, and the methods used to grow them. We then talk to a local chef who makes regular use of these crops in their dishes. The series highlights the farmer and chef relationship and how they work to support each other.


From left to right: Eugene Cooke, Nicole Bluh, and Josh Hopkins.

Our first growers are Eugene Cooke and Nicole Bluh who operate the Good Shepherd Agro Ecology Center in Atlanta’s West End.

When I learned we’d be talking about okra, I got really excited. It just seems fitting that this ingredient is kicking off the series. It gave me a chance to see how the food I’ve attached so many family memories to can flourish in my own city with a lot of love from two very dedicated growers.

Take a listen below to hear our conversation on the wonders of okra. You’ll also get to hear why Chef Josh Hopkins of Empire State South is so keen on buying locally!

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