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Fieldtrip: Atlanta Harvest


One of the high tunnels at Atlanta Harvest’s site in South Atlanta.

Atlanta Harvest stemmed from the desire to provide fresh, organic, and locally grown produce that is accessible to low-income communities in Atlanta. Late last summer Corbin and Bethaney, along with 35 local volunteers, a team from the Shelby County Farm to School Program in Memphis, as well as a team from Baltimore, began building high tunnels at their site in South Atlanta. After three days, the tunnels were built and within the next month, they had begun harvesting all sorts of produce including kale, arugula, and other greens.

I took a trip over to Atlanta Harvest in South Atlanta to talk with its founders, Corbin Klett and Bethaney Herrington, about how they came up with the idea of building farms in the city to connect local farmers and producers to consumers.

Each week, 8-10 people from the community come to help plant and maintain the crops at the South Atlanta site. They are currently partnered with local cafe, Community Grounds, and are beginning to deliver to other restaurants around Atlanta. Corbin and Bethaney are also in the process of developing more partnerships to build a thriving network of urban farms and local growers that can rely on Atlanta Harvest for distribution to local communities. The goal is to increase farmers’ capacities by aiding them in supplying fresh food throughout the city.

Atlanta Harvest has a high tunnel, which is a cost-effective way to grow leafy greens year-round, and they’re working with various neighborhoods to help local growers own and operate their own farms and connect with consumers. They plan to extend the sites of local production beyond their current site in South Atlanta to reach several Atlanta communities. You can find more information about Atlanta Harvest’s mission and progress on how they are providing fresh, locally grown food to the city here.

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