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FoodCorps: “Three habaneros is three too many!”

By Constance Roberts, FoodCorps Service Member

Happy November, from FoodCorps Athens! In the theme of the newest FoodCorps hashtag – #trythings, we present to you the bravest teenagers in all the land, the West Broad Young Urban Farmers (YUF!), who work tirelessly, with ne’er a complaint, at their very own West Broad Garden. To learn more about the benefits of each kind of vegetable growing at the garden right now, we split the group into teams of two and assigned each team a specific vitamin, for which they had to design a juice, harvest the appropriate veggies, and then present their concoction for the whole group to try together.

For example, here’s the Vitamin A juice (great for eyesight, a healthy immune system, and beautiful skin), packed full of kale, pak choi, sweet potato, red mustard, and parsley, all grown in the West Broad Garden! We added some local carrots and apples to make the juice a bit more, ahem… palatable.


Pretty groovy, huh?

The YUF did a great job harvesting and chopping their unique blend of veggies before they put them to the grind.


The leftover pulp is perfect to add to the compost that the YUF have been tenderly caring for and diligently turning twice a week!


Now for the final hurrah! Here’s Vitamin C juice, made by team Temo and Temo (yes, two Temos are better than one) being put to the test!


The verdict? Three habaneros is three too many! Tell us: what is your favorite fall-time juice to make?

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