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Sound Ingredient: Kale

Kale growing at Ladybug Farms.

Kale growing at Ladybug Farms.

For the second installment of Sound Ingredient, we talked to Terri Jagger Blincoe who owns and operates Ladybug Farms in Clayton, Georgia. I had the opportunity to drive up to North Georgia to visit Terri at her farm tucked in the Blue Ridge Mountains. She told me all about growing kale, why it’s such a relevant crop, and why she thinks it’s in such high demand from chefs all over Georgia right now.


Ryan Spruhan and Terri Jagger Blincoe

Ryan Spruhan is one of these chefs buying kale directly from Terri and using it regularly in his dishes at his restaurant at Lake Rabun Hotel which overlooks Lake Rabun just one town over from Terri in Lakemont, Georgia.

Terri and Ryan are both extremely active in the Northeast Georgia Farm to School program in Habersham and Rabun Counties.

Listen below to hear my conversation with both of them on the value of kale and the importance of producing and buying locally.




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