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Farm to School & Preschool Summit: Lola Blum of City Blossoms

by Paula Maia Fernandes

lolashot-166x300A garden is capable of growing much more than beautiful plants, it can also grow a community. Lola Blum has on her name what she is all about – to help blooming community’s core values such as healthy living skills, community development, environmental education, and artistic expression through growing a garden.

Blum is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of  a non-profit organization out of the Washington D.C. area called City Blossoms. City Blossoms works with schools, neighborhood groups, community centers and other organizations to grow community engagement, youth-driven gardens, and green spaces to play, explore, share, and learn.

Blum will lead a session called “Cooking with Young Children” and another one called “Time to Grow Down! Ways to Design and Implement a Fantastic Early Childhood Gardening Program” at the Georgia Farm to School & Preschool Summit that will be held on Feb. 19- 20, 2015, at the Classic Center in Athens, Ga. Click here to register for our summit!


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