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Meet Tenisio Seanima, our new Farmer Services Coordinator

tenisioTenisio Seanima is a familiar (and beloved!) face in the Atlanta Good Food scene, and we’re thrilled to welcome him onboard as our new Farmer Services Coordinator. His agricultural roots run deep—his Great-Grandfather August Long farmed in Texas well into his 80s! Tenisio is a graduate of HABESHA, Inc.‘s Urban Grower program, and established and managed the sales department for Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Ag. His business acumen led him to establish ASILI Goods, a grocery and food-service delivery service. We’re thrilled to welcome him aboard, and excited for all of you to meet him too. But first, we had to ask him the hard questions we pose to all new employees:

What was your previous job? Sales Manager for Truly Living Well Center For Natural Urban Agriculture.

Who/what has inspired you to do the work you are doing today? August Long, my Great Grandfather, who farmed land owned by my family up into his eighties. He started off with less than forty acres and now the land comprises close to 400 acres.

What do you want to accomplish for Georgia’s farmers? I’d look forward to sharing my experience of implementing creative marketing techniques using new-media systems, creative financial strategies, and more.  Additionally, and perhaps more important, I want to hear the opinions from both current and prospective G.O. members regarding what they feel G.O. can do to fully optimize their membership experience.  G.O. aims to be the best and I plan to complement that aim one thousand percent!

If you became a DJ, what would your DJ name be? Coincidentally, I am a disc jockey and my moniker is DJ 5th Wurld.

  1. Tenisio,
    I was referred to you by Lindsey Davis at UGA. I am looking for individuals interested in learning how to heal land. I operate a non profit REAP. We have a market garden on 4 acres in Palmetto, GA. What I teach and practice is, Biodynamics, French intensive methods along with Permaculture design and organic IPM. You can view my bio at: We grow around 30 types of vegs. 15 different fruits and between 30 and 40 varieties of cut flowers. It is an integrated approach employing Biodynamic horticulture.

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