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Member Spotlight: Preserving Now

preserving_nowLyn Deardorff started Preserving Now over 5 years ago after she realized no one was offering Canning/Preserving classes in the Atlanta area.  She is a 40-year canner and has taken advanced coursework in food processing in the Food Science Department at UGA.  In May, she will complete her “Master Canner” Certification at Cornell University in New York.  She now teaches all over the Atlanta area including Piedmont Park, Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Serenbe in Chattahoochee Hills, and other public and private locations.

Why did your business become a member of Georgia Organics?
I was an individual member even before I joined as a business member – to support the work you do and to help get the word out about a natural progression of “Farm to Pantry” – a term I use to expand on the idea of “Farm to Table”.  I use organic at home, support organic farms and food producers.

How does your work connect with the work of Georgia Organics?
I believe in organic food sourcing for my classes and then explain why to my students.  One of the things we know is that there have not been any extensive testing of pesticides and fungicides in long-term home canning/storage.  So, organic selection leads not only to safety but I believe a tastier product all the way around!  And it’s great that with home preserving we also don’t need any other chemical additives for preservation – the purest way possible.

What’s the most exciting or most fulfilling part about what you do?
Seeing the looks on my students’ faces as they realize that this is very doable and fun and great eating!  That they can do small batches easily and fast!  That there are things to can all 4 seasons!  That they teach their kids to can.  Passing it down to the next generation means that perhaps it won’t skip another generation as it has!  The chatter of discovery in the classes is the best!

Anything cool y’all have coming up soon?
I’m teaching a five-part monthly series this summer down at Serenbe’s Bosch Experience Center – to capture two things to can each month, a pickle and a fruit. For example, in April we’ll be doing Vidalia Onion Relish and Strawberry Jam.  The full schedule is on my website.

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