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Recipe for Change Recap: Cyndi Ball on the National Ladies Homestead Gathering

homestaed_gatheringCyndi Ball of Lazy B Farm in Statham, Georgia recently spoke on the collective power of women and the effectiveness of peer-to-peer programming that the Ladies Homestead Gathering provides. Ball is the founder of this group with several chapters throughout Georgia that allows women to form partnerships, build communities, share ideas and challenges, and awaken the homesteader they might not have known they had in them. The session took place on February 20-21 at the 18th Annual Georgia Organics Conference, Recipe for Change: Better Farms, Better Flavors, at the Classic Center in Athens, Ga. Some of the most memorable lessons from her own experiences and the offerings of the Ladies Homestead Gathering are below.

General Takeaways:

  • Women learn best from each other!
  • Not all single women homesteaders grew up on farms, and many were raised in cities or suburban areas with no previous homesteading experience
  • It is about the desire to want to live a clean and efficient lifestyle and the “attitude in your head, not the acreage you live on”
  • Emotional and physical support of other women with the same goals is life-changing
  • Once you begin homesteading, you acquire a new appreciation for the things you make and the food that you grow
  • The spread of knowledge from generation to generation is essential when it comes to things like learning to sew, how to make your own soap, or bottle and sell your own cows’ milk

Ladies Homestead Gathering Offerings:

  • Community-building through Fall retreats and Spring camping trips
  • Bartering before gatherings–no exchange of money allows women to provide resources they have an abundance of while receiving resources they might be in need of at that time
  • Farm Days involve kids and families and promote learning and working together
  • Encourage women to begin new chapters in their communities to build connections and relationships with those nearby

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