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Member Spotlight: Wilbur & Rudy’s Farmtable

Inviting indeed! (And it’s not even finished yet.)

We recently caught up with Georgia Organics business member Wilbur & Rudy’s Farmtable as their market is set to open on May 16th in Milton! Here’s what co-owner Ryan Bowersox had to say about he and his wife Beth’s upcoming project.

Wilbur and Rudy’s Farmtable is located in the old Buice’s General Store on the main corner of the Birmingham Crossroads in Milton. We are dedicated to making this little oasis the main social gathering spot, so we’ll have many options for people to come enjoy themselves: they can meet a friend for an Organic custom latte in our Coffee Café or bring a date to our Screen on the Green movie events over the summer.

The Retail Grocery and Farmer’s Market will feature the freshest produce around and a wide variety of organic and non-organic grocery items. We’ll also have a gift shop and a unique collection of antiques for sale.

We want to present a unique, fun, and healthy option into the lives of our customers and educate them on what they are buying so they can make the best decisions for a long and prosperous life. After all, our mantra is “Meals & MEMORIES made daily!”

When did you realize you wanted to open Wilbur & Rudy’s Farmtable?
Over the past five years, my family and I have learned a ton about how to eat healthy, good quality food, and it is now a lifelong mission for us, particularly since we’ve had children. We want to share our passion for good healthy food and the knowledge we’ve learned along the way.

What’s your favorite part of what you do?
Our customers! The best part of our day is talking to our folks who come in and hearing their stories.

What’s the weirdest or funniest story from your business?
This past Christmas we sold trees for the holiday season for the first time. There is nothing more sobering than when a 53 foot semi trailer delivers 400 Michigan Fraser Fir Christmas Trees to your door. It’s funny now, but at the time we were so nervous whether could sell that many and handle them, but we pulled it off!

What’s your hope for the future?
We hope to bring our concept of an intimate retail organic grocery with a small retail footprint to pocket communities all over Atlanta. Since Atlanta is increasingly becoming a city that lives and works in the same neighborhood, it is a great time to bring this type to concept to Atlanta. For example, customers can come daily to get coffee, all their produce and grocery needs for dinner, and also shop for unique household items, like all-natural candles and earth-friendly cleaning supplies.

Why did you want to source organic produce in your store and other environmentally-friendly items?

For the past five years, my family and I have started living and eating as healthily as possible. The problem is that eating truly healthily is not easy, convenient, or cheap. Therefore, we decided that we needed to share the information and products we’ve found with others, and offer as much local, organic, and all-natural products as we possibly can.

Additionally, we’ve always practiced smart and responsible stewardship with the environment. So when we started planning our farmers’ market and coffee cafe, we knew we wanted to buy only recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable packaging. It was common sense for us.

Do you source from any farmers near you?

We source from as many farmers in the north Fulton, Cherokee, and other nearby counties as we can. We also have sources in southern Georgia for certain products, but always prefer to buy within a fifty mile radius of our store whenever possible. Many of the local farmers will only utilize our outdoor market and not sell directly to us for our grocery, and that’s great. Either way, the farmer and local community wins.

Stay up-to-date by visiting Wilbur & Rudy’s Farmtable’s website and Facebook page.

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