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Member Spotlight: Camp Twin Lakes

Camp Twin Lakescamptwinlakes provides life-changing, therapeutic, recreational, and medically-supportive camp experiences for children with serious illnesses, disabilities, and other life challenges. The Camp Twin Lakes Farm grows all-natural, healthy produce for campers and provides a fun and educational environment for them to learn about farming and agriculture. We talked to Farm Coordinator Nathan Fussell about the camp’s sustainable programming.

Why did Camp Twin Lakes become a member of Georgia Organics?
Camp Twin Lakes became a member of Georgia Organics because of our shared interest in promoting and providing clean and healthy food. We appreciate the work that Georgia Organics does.

How does your work connect with the work of Georgia Organics?
Our site in Rutledge, Ga., has a 200 acre Sustainable Teaching Farm. The farm is used programmatically with campers facing serious illnesses, disabilities, and other life challenges to educate and inspire in the areas of food, sustainability, sciences and arts. We also produce grass-fed beef, honey, eggs, fruit, and vegetables for use in our dining hall.

What’s the most exciting or most fulfilling part about what you do?
The most exciting and fulfilling work that Camp Twin Lakes does is serving children and teens facing serious illness, disability, and life challenges. Camp Twin Lakes collaborates with nearly 60 different nonprofit organizations, each serving a different population, to create customized programs that teach campers to overcome obstacles and grow in their confidence and capabilities. Annually, Camp Twin Lakes serves more than 9,900 campers and leverages support from 3,500 volunteers. The most exciting thing about our farm is seeing campers connect with good food and good friends.

Anything cool you have coming up soon?
We are adding a Sustainable Teaching Farm at our site in Winder to ensure that the campers we serve there have a chance to experience all the fun and learning opportunities that a farm can offer.  We are also in the second year of a three-year plan where our goal is to supply our camp dining hall with 100% of its needs for beef, honey, and eggs, along with five staple crops (while in season).

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