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Win it at the Market: Chinese Southern Belle

Our farmers and local vendors appreciate everyone who comes to our markets every week. For all the folks who go the extra mile and bring a new person along to one of our My Market Club markets, we want to thank you! As a token of our gratitude, each month, My Market Club will hold a raffle for great free prizes. Bring a friend who is new to the market along on your next visit! They’ll get $5 and you’ll be entered to win free goodies from your favorite local vendors.
This month, one of our raffle prizes comes from Atlanta’s own Chinese Southern Belle, a unique business that uses food  to connect people and culture. Their offerings include cooking and cultural workshops; business marketing and promotional demos; Asian market tours, on-site home/office classes and multicultural marketing services. We asked a few questions to get to know a little bit more about them.
How did you get started in the business?  
Friends loved our dinner parties, had lots of questions about dishes, ingredients, products, etc. Then they started asking about our favorite restaurants and menus and how to eat out authentic. Then we got requests from friends to go shopping and help them navigate the “weird stuff” at the Asian/International market. We had fun with it all and really enjoyed the teaching/sharing. A regular desk job started to feel less and less appealing and Chinese Southern Belle was born…and it’s still evolving!


What’s your favorite thing about your market?  

The people, positive spirit & freshness! Our concept of FARM TO WOK was inspired by the market. The customers (and other vendors) appreciate quality and the hard work of being an entrepreneur or farmer/producer. That’s encouraging especially when it’s a rainy day.


What is your number one passion outside of work? 

There’s life outside work? I LOVE eating, snacking, playing games with friends and family, especially outdoors on a deck, in a park, around a campfire.


What’s your favorite food or recipe?

Anything I didn’t make! Mom’s home cooking–her noodles, stir fry and rice dishes!MK-NK cooking

A big thank you to Natalie of Chinese Southern Belle for her donation to My Market Club!

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