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Meet Eminah Quintyne: My Market Ambassador

My Market ClubEminah Quintyne is one of our valued My Market Ambassadors, supporting the Main Street Statesboro Farmers Market. You can find her on Saturday’s from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. from April until November.

The Main Street Statesboro Farmers Market is an assembly of local growers, craftsmen and chefs coming together to provide fresh and locally produced products. Looking for the best quality and freshest food sold by the hard-working farmers in the region? How about locally produced cheeses, jams and preserves? What about unique crafts for the home? They’ve got it all.

Unfamiliar with My Market? Here’s a quick refresher. G.O.’s My Market Club offers new farmers market shoppers great rewards like $5 in market tokens to spend on local food, branded tote bags, lip balm, soaps, and more, and also help connect communities to their food. So far, we’ve helped over 12,000 new Georgia shoppers discover the wonders of their local market!

You can find more information here and keep up with My Market Club on Facebook.

As an ambassador, Quintyne plays an important role in ensuring visits to farmers markets run smoothly. Some of her responsibilities include welcoming new folks to the market, helping those who look confused or uncertain, signing people up to receive more information about the market via email and, of course, handing out the $5 tokens for newcomers to spend at the market.

We recently posed a few quick questions to Quintyne, who was kind enough to answer:

Why did you become an ambassador?

Representing health, wellness and sustainability are my passion.  I love food and greatly enjoy sharing it with others.  Because food is such a great part of culture, tradition and connecting with others, it is my utmost desire to educate while discovering ways to satisfy and promote good health.

What is your favorite part of being an ambassador?

Educating others by truly bringing about understanding. Great teachers impact lives. My goals are to effectively communicate, discuss, clarify, and connect. My life goal is to eliminate  high blood sugar or the cause of glycogen stores by  drastically reducing the amount of net carbs in a serving size of bread or pasta.  I am going to create a guilt-free large serving size of magic bread… I’m talking 8-grams of sugar or less.

What is one piece of advice for anyone attending their first farmers market?

Walk around, get acclimated, ask questions, and try something new!

If you could be one fruit or vegetable, what would it be and why?

Hmm… What a fabulous question!  I think I would be kale because it is a mean green leafy vegetable, my favorite color! and cooks down into a sultry silky crunch. It has great texture and versatility. Otherwise I’d be an almost ripe plum because I like the dark purple skin and complex pink and chewy flesh.

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