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Win it at the Market: Big Daddy Dog Biscuits

Our farmers and local vendors appreciate everyone who comes to our markets every week. For all the folks who go the extra mile and bring a new person along to one of our My Market Club markets, we want to thank you! As a token of our gratitude, each month, My Market Club will hold a raffle for great free prizes. Bring a friend who is new to the market along on your next visit! They’ll get $5 and you’ll be entered to win free goodies from your favorite local vendors.

This month, the raffle prize at Westside Farmers Market comes from Atlanta’s own Big Daddy Biscuits. They specialize natural and organic dog biscuits and dog soap from local sourced ingredients. We asked Lauren Janis (A.K.A. “Big Mama”) a few questions to get to know a little bit more about her.



How did you get started in the business?

In 2009, I was looking for a change in my life.  I was sitting in the driveway with my niece and nephew, Shana and Kenny and I asked them what I should do. After talking for a few minutes, they shouted make dog biscuits. I asked them what I should call this business. They came up with Big Daddy Biscuits after my dog Big Daddy. The very next day I purchased a mixer and did not look back.​
What’s your favorite thing about your market?
Being able to hang out with some amazing farmers, food artisans and community members​.  Always makes me happy going to market
What is your number one passion outside of work?

​That is a hard one. Playing in my garden is always enjoyable.  Since I don’t have to much free time…being with my friends, family and of course Big Daddy are first priority

What’s your favorite food or recipe?

You’re asking this question right in the peak of tomato season. I love making tomato pies with the ones I get from my farmer friends. I never eat tomatoes out of season.

Thank you to Lauren of Big Daddy Biscuits for your donation to My Market Club!


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