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We’re Certified! Let’s Gro Co. is Officially Organic

Immense demand for organic produce is a huge opportunity for Georgia’s farmers, but despite exponential growth in the organic market, small and mid-scale specialty crop producers in Georgia face significant barriers to access this lucrative market. The South—and Georgia in particular—is uniquely positioned to benefit from the growing demand for organic food.

To kickstart that effort, Georgia Organics is teaming up with the Georgia Department of Agriculture for the 100 Organic Farms Campaign, which removes the financial barrier to USDA Organic Certification by reimbursing the full cost of organic certification up to $1,000 for farmers pursuing it for the first time. Farmers who sign up will also have access to training and marketing assistance. The goal? To reach the USDA recognized milestone of 100 Certified Organic Farms by 2016. Along the way, we’ll add mini-profiles of the farms who complete the transition.

10758_700439349987712_156357119_nLet’s Gro Co, LLC Stockbridge, GA (Henry County)

Nestled comfortably between several residential areas, Let’s Gro is more of a sanctuary than a farm. In addition to five acres of produce, Let’s Gro also has deer, wild turkey, rabbits and other wildlife as well.

Managed by Pierre Nunez, who originally hails from New York City, Let’s Gro began producing heirloom tomatoes last year and sold directly for Whole Foods in Midtown.

They became Certified Organic with the support of Georgia Organics because Nunez believes it is the only method that takes the needs of both the environment and the consumer into account. Additionally, Nunez cares deeply about waste.

“We use drip irrigation and raised beds covered with different colored biodegradable plastic mulches depending on what crop is being grown, nothing goes to waste,” said Nunez.

Let’s Gro will plant 15,000 kale plants this winter and, “…are working with the USDA, FSA, and the NRCS to make our farm even more productive in the coming seasons,” said Nunez.

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