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Behind The Conference: Dan Glenn

danglenn-confThe 19th Annual Georgia Organics Conference is nearly upon us! In anticipation of the featured In Depth Workshops and Educational Sessions, we reached out to presenters for some additional information about their topic.

In this edition of Behind The Conference, we spoke with Dan Glenn, who manages a farm in which permaculture and organics collide with traditional tillage and conventional row crop tradition.

Saturday Educational Session
Track 4: Livestock

Dan Glenn – Healthy Herd
Saturday, Feb. 27, 2016 from 9:45 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
Dan will discuss cattle health from a whole systems approach and share experiences with balancing science, pragmatism, and stewardship. Read the full session description here.

     1. Who or what inspired you to join your field and how?

I moved home to my family farm about seven years ago and had the opportunity to manage our beef operation. Shortly after getting started, I developed a strong affinity for cattle, followed by an great interest in forage production, and much later, a fascination with soil health. Bill Hodge, Ed Oliver, and Will Harris pushed me in the right direction along the way.

2. What does resilience in farming mean to you?

Agricultural resilience is the ability to continually nourish the giver, and the taker, regardless if anyone is open for business. Healthy soils are the foundation.

early bird3. What is the toughest aspect of farming, and what helps you get through it?

Understanding is easier than execution. Timeliness, planning, and preparedness are critical, as are good records. Clear goals are a necessity.

4. Why are you excited to present about your topic and what are some key takeaways attendees will get from your session?

Thinking in holistic systems is helpful in managing the health of just about everything. Treating symptoms will rarely get you to the root of the problem. If we can take a step back from the malady, we can often prescribe an elegant solution that will foster a future of good health. I hope to inspire attendees to widen their perspective of herd health to consider genetics, grazing management, animal handling and facilities, and forage selection.

     5. What about the Georgia Organics conference do you look forward to the most?

The conference is always a great opportunity for inspiration and to see friends I don’t see often. Good food, too!


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