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FoodCorps Friday: Full STEAM Ahead!

By Sumer Ladd

What’s currently trending in the world of food and cooking? Kid chefs!

Master Chef Junior, Rachel vs. Guy: Kids Cook Off, and Chopped: Teen Invasion are all shows that put a spotlight on kids with extraordinary cooking skills. If you haven’t already, you should definitely tune in, because they’re super entertaining and inspiring once you get over the fact that an 8 year old can flambé a duck better than you can boil a pot of water.  The best part of all is that these shows make cooking look cool, (because it is) inspire kids to learn how to cook, and even encourage kids to pursue careers in food. Also, in the case of Master Chef Junior, it’s really refreshing to see that Gordon Ramsay does in fact have a soul and seeing him interact with kids kinda makes you go “awwweee.”




Since I’m obsessed with these shows and it’s kinda sorta my life long dream to have my own show on Food Network, (y’all hiring?) I was inspired to do a lesson that turned students into the next kid chef star!


The STEAM lab teacher that I work with at King Springs Elementary School in Smyrna, GA was interested in a lesson that focused on the “Technology” component of STEAM and could teach students how to use PowerPoint and iMovie. I’m up for any challenge when it comes to creating lessons, so we decided to have the kids produce their very own cooking show!


First, students tried a sample of radish bruschetta (and loved it) and they watched my personal video for inspiration-


2-5 grade students worked in groups to create their own script/ storyboard in PowerPoint to plan how they wanted their video to look. This was a fun and exciting way for them to learn how to create a PowerPoint presentation.




After their presentations were complete, they used their PowerPoint as a guide and teleprompter for their video that they filmed and edited on iPads using iMovie.




Here’s one awesome video created by 5th graders.



The most exciting thing about this lesson was seeing students’ creativity shine through, while they learned multiple new skills in a fun way.


ISO: Food Network stars who want to pop in our class and help us with our next round of videos (What’s good, Alton Brown?)




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