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My Market Club Reaps Rewards for Farmers, Shoppers

About five years ago, in community listening sessions around the state, several farmers told the staff at Georgia Organics that too often they were leaving their farmers markets with fresh, beautiful produce that was likely bound for compost piles.

These conversations led to the creation of the My Market Club, a program designed to attract 15,000 first-time shoppers to farmers markets and turn them into regular shoppers. We use rewards like $5 in market tokens to spend on local food, value-added products make by market vendors, and more, but we also help connect communities and their food.

We want to encourage people to support their local farmers by shopping at their local farmers markets regularly.

For the past three years, the My Market Club has been coordinated by the amazing Danielle Moore. “My Market Club celebrates that no two farmers markets are alike. The program has grown into something slightly different at all of our partner market. By highlighting the uniqueness of each market, My Market Club can enhance its character and help the market reach a broader audience. The manager and vendors dictate what the program will look like based on their unique shoppers,” Moore said.

At the end of 2015, we sent a survey to everyone who had participated in the My Market Club. Here are results of that survey.


  1. Hi, my name is Lyn Gossage. I am opening a artist/farmers Market inCovington, GA. We will be filing for non profit status in the near future, but I would like to find out more about your My Market Club. At this point we were planning on donating” leftovers” to the needy.

  2. Hi. I Manage a Not for profit Market Cooperative in a very small Province (State) in Atlantic Canada. I would love to access more information on your “My Market Program” at the Community Farmers Market. We otherwise, seem to be doing similar programs focusing on educating community on sustainability and supporting local farmers. I hope we can connect .
    In cooperationBernie

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