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FoodCorps Friday: My Role As A FoodCorps Service Member

My Role As A FoodCorps Service Member

py17-headshot-dasia-harmonBy: Dasia Harmon, Captain Planet Foundation service member 

Listening to the “SNAP” of a carrot, or the first “CRUNCH” into an apple has always been such satisfying sounds to me. I had the opportunity to work at a local farmer’s market as a child and became familiar with such freshness. As I grew older, I learned that many folks do not have equal access to affordable and quality food. I became passionate about the unanswered questions in our food system, and I wanted to be a part of the solution. To do so, I became a FoodCorps service member.


This year is my first year serving as a FoodCorps service member. It is such a unique position that allows me to take on the role as an imimg_7149portant stakeholder in the food system.


After a week long orientation with like-minded people from across the country at our national orientation in Portland, Oregon, I felt motivated and optimistic about ways to connect children to healthy food. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to attend our recent State Orientation in Northeast Georgia and the Southeast Farm to School Conference in Greenville, South Carolina, that seeped into even more challenges.  


We discussed topics ranging from food deserts and racial equity, to nutrition standards and national regulation policies.  Being a part of these conversations is where I believe change starts. As FoodCorps service members, we are charged with creating those spaces that connects everyone involved: the students, coalition members, farmers, parents, teachers, school food service staff, local businesses, and the list goes on.


What better way to approach these issues than to make kids our focal point? Since agriculture had such a great influence on my life at a young age, I know first hand what an impact it can have. The school year is still in its budding stage, however I feel optimistic about the future. If I can get just one child to recognize the “snap,” and “crunch,” of true farm freshness, my mission is complete.


  1. Joyce McKinnon says:

    While reading your words, I felt your passion for what you are doing!! Getting kids at a young age understanding the meaning of growing fruits and vegetables is awesome. Thank you

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