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Falcons Celebrate Farm to School with Georgia Organics


Barrow County School System receives their Gold level award at the 2016 Golden Radish Awards in October.

Back in October, Barrow County School System was honored with a Gold level award at the 2016 Golden Radish Awards by Georgia Organics and Georgia Departments of Agriculture, Public Health, and Education for serving local food 123 times during the 2015-16 school year and growing cabbage from seed in third grade classes across the district, in addition to other efforts.

Now it was time to revel in their success.

The Atlanta Falcons joined Georgia Organics and Georgia Departments of Agriculture and Education to celebrate cafeteria staff at Holsenbeck Elementary School for their impressive farm to school work.

Before their arrival, the school was already abuzz with excitement. Once Freddie the Falcon entered the building, took photos with students and pretended to answer the school’s phone, the mood hit a fever pitch.

Wide Receiver Aldrick Robinson, Freddie, and two Falcons cheerleaders then paraded through the school, surrounded by decorations and students in red and black attire, handing out an infinite number of high-fives on their way to the cafeteria.


The cafeteria and nutrition staff at Holsenbeck Elementary school pose for photos with the Falcons.

“We are thrilled to help Georgia Organics carry the Farm to School program to every community in Georgia,” said John Bare, vice president of The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation. “It was gratifying to see so much leadership from the students, faculty and staff at the recent visit.”

Upon entering the cafeteria to help serve lunch to the students, which included locally grown broccoli from Fry Farm in nearby Bethlehem, Ga., Georgia Organics Farm to School Director Emily Cumbie-Drake took a moment to honor the cafeteria staff for their hard work and dedication to stewarding their health of Georgia’s children, economy, and environment.

“Without dedicated Nutrition Directors and cafeteria staff, our work would not be possible,” said Cumbie-Drake. “We enjoyed seeing the results of a tremendous partnership and a school as excited about fresh, local food as we are.”

The staff took photos with members of the Falcons team, and then it was time to get busy.

Robinson and Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black donned hairnets and gloves to distribute bread rolls and chicken, while Freddie provided endless entertainment for the students during lunch hour.

After lunch, and a few more photos, the school returned to a relatively normal day.


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