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Atlanta Loses Culinary Star

untitledAtlanta has lost a great chef and supporter of the good food movement. Angus Brown, the chef at 8Arm, died on Wednesday morning, according to his business partner Nhan Le.

Brown touched many lives, from eaters to chefs to farmers and more. He meant a lot to many in Atlanta and the good food movement, including Georgia Organics Board Member and Farmer at Love is Love Farm @ Gaia Gardens Joe Reynolds.

“Angus was indeed a good friend to farmers (and so many others),” said Reynolds. “He was such an avid supporter of the East Atlanta Village Farmers Market that he bought a house right next to it.  Myself and many farmers were especially inspired by his DIY ethic, showcased by starting Octopus Bar as a pop-up in Soba restaurant after hours in East Atlanta, forgoing the opulence that is often associated with farm-to-table for a real feel ATL plate.  For him, food and hospitality were the real stars.  He and his chef and business partner Nhan continued this in their following restaurants, Lusca and 8Arm.  He was also never short on growing community with farmers and his colleague chefs and anytime he was not in the kitchen, you could find him at a farmers’ market, a friend’s restaurant, or helping fund-raise for local food organizations.  As far as I can tell, Angus never met anyone that was not a friend. He will truly be missed.”

Atlanta Magazine first reported the news on Wednesday. Here is a brief bio from their website:

Brown and Le first gained attention when they opened Octopus Bar in 2011. It was a casual spot that absorbed and reflected the energy of East Atlanta Village, and it attracted other chefs eager for good, late-night meals post-shift. Octopus Bar was featured on Anthony Bourdain’s show “The Layover,” where he called Brown’s food “terrific.”

In 2014, the duo opened seafood-centric Lusca in South Buckhead, which, despite being a James Beard semifinalist for Best New Restaurant 2015 and landing on GQ’s list of 25 Most Outstanding Restaurants of 2015, closed its doors in early 2016. Seats were often empty; perhaps it didn’t jibe with the neighborhood. So last fall, Brown and Le shifted their focus to 8Arm, a morning-to-night restaurant adjacent to Paris on Ponce, as they readied to open the upmarket seafood restaurant Ama next door.

For the full story about Brown and his legacy, please visit Atlanta Magazine.

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