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Farmers Honored at 20th Anniversary Georgia Organics Conference

Linda and Tony Scharko receive hugs from fellow farmers during the award ceremony.

ATLANTA—-Over 1,000 attendees joined Georgia Organics to celebrate 20 years of incredible growth in the good food movement and honor two of the foremost leaders at the 20th Anniversary Georgia Organics Conference, and Tony and Linda Scharko.

Tony and Linda Scharko were honored with the Barbara Petit Pollinator Award for outstanding community leadership in Georgia’s sustainable farming and food movement.  The award is named after Barbara Petit, a committed leader, culinary professional, and organizer who served as President of Georgia Organics from 2003-2009.

Simply put, it would not have been possible for dozens of farmers to survive all of the hurdles involved in starting a small farming enterprise without some level of assistance from the Scharkos.

Whether they were lending equipment, sharing land, mentoring farmers, or volunteering, the Scharko’s influence and contribution to the good food movement cannot be understated.

“Tending to, caring for, and cultivating Atlanta’s next crop of growers, that’s what the Scharkos do,” said Isia Cooper, farmer at Crack in the Sidewalk Farmlet.

Cooper presented the award on Feb. 18 just before the conference’s climatic event, the Farmers Feast, a meal prepared by the state’s best chefs featuring organically raised meats and produce from Georgia and the Southeast.

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