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FoodCorps Friday- Celebrating Ag Heroes

dsc_0951FoodCorps Friday- Celebrating Ag Heroes

By, Carrollton City Schools service member, Dory Cooper


As a part of National Ag Hero Day, my 1st grade after-school group learned about the Georgia dairy industry and what makes dairy farmers Ag Heros.


First, we made our very own yogurt parfaits. I chose to recreate a “peaches and cream” parfait, that we serve at school breakfast, so that the students will know what it is next time they see it. This simple recipe is also easy for little hands to make at home for breakfast or as an after school snack.


Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 11.36.33 AM

After trying some dairy with huge success, we watched a video of a Georgia dairy farmer. We discussed that his hard work, dedication, and commitment to high quality milk made him a hero! As our discussion continued, one student asked about how much money the farmer made. It was a beautiful moment to talk to this young group of engaged students about the economic challenges of farming and the importance of buying local.



Once the students had an understanding of where their dairy products come from, I passed out cards with drawings of each part of the farm to school food chain – soil, grass, cow, farmer, milk, yogurt, truck, school, cafeteria worker, and lunch tray. They worked as a team to create a timeline of how our school’s yogurt gets from the soil to the lunch tray.

Little by little, with every cooking lesson and farming question, I can see these students beginning to shift the way that they think about food. I am confident that these lessons will stick with them as they grow and become ag heroes themselves.

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