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Farmer Craig’s Killer Tomatoes

As we get ready for the 9th Annual Attack of the Killer Tomato Festival, benefiting Georgia Organics, on Sunday, July 16, we wanted to highlight some of the farmers who make the delicious meals possible with their hard work in the fields.

In this edition, we spoke with Farmer Craig Tucker of Tucker Farms in Rome, Georgia, who has been growing tomatoes for over a decade.


Farmer Craig with his beautiful tomato plants.

Why participate in the Killer Tomato Festival?

What better way to support the mission of Georgia Organics than to bring local farmers, chefs, and the community together to celebrate Summer’s most prized fruit?

What is your favorite type of tomato?

German Johnson, hands down

How many pounds of tomatoes do you grow in a year?

We grow hundreds of pounds each year–too many to count!

Why is small-scale organic farming so important?

We believe small-scale sustainable and organic farms are the future of farming. As parts of our world get bigger and more disconnected, we think individuals want to be more connected to their food and the people who grow it.

Monolith commercial farms are unsustainable in their farming practices, in their environmental impact, and in their attempts to create food monopolies. We think grocers, chefs, and families across the nation are waking up to this reality and are looking more and more towards buying locally and sustainably grown food from people that they know and trust.

What does farming mean to you?

It means being part of a community – we are buyers and sellers and employers and friends and neighbors and part of a wide web of wonderful people who care about the health-promoting, environmental, and societal impacts of thoughtfully-grown food.

What is the best thing about being a member of Georgia Organics?

There are many benefits of being a member! Most of all, we feel good about supporting an organization that works to promote small-scale sustainable farming in Georgia, and we are proud to be part of that community.

What advice do you have for festival-goers?

Arrive ready to eat and mingle; wear comfortable clothes and plenty of sunscreen!


  1. Are you saving seeds. We have conducted trials on several heirloom varieties. We saved seeds from the tomatoes that preformed best. At Tierra sonrisa we also grow about 40 types of vegetables, 20 types of herbs, around 30 varieties of cut flowers and 15 fruits. We currently save about 70% of our seed. What other varieties have you tried?

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