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Georgia Organics Names First Director of Farmer Services

Georgia Organics has tripled-down on its commitment to farmers.

The Farmer Services team now has three staff members, up from one, including its first Director of Farmer Services in the organization’s 20-year history.

Michael Wall leads the Farmer Services Team – Farmer Services Coordinator Tenisio Seanima and Farmer Services Fellow Perri Campis – in the organization’s efforts to bring affordable healthcare options closer to organic farmer, train beginning farmers through the Journeyman Program, and increase the number of farmers and ranchers achieving organic certification.

“We’re delighted to expand our Farmer Services team and have Michael’s experience and leadership at the helm of this work,” said Alice Rolls, Executive Director of Georgia Organics. “This new position will enable Georgia Organics to expand support for organic and sustainable farmers across the entire state, including working towards our goal of 200 certified organic farms in Georgia by 2020.”

Prior to his work at Georgia Organics, Wall worked as an award-winning journalist for newspapers in Atlanta, rural Georgia, and the Virgin Islands. Wall serves on the board of directors of the Atlanta Audubon Society and the Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group. His family currently farms land in Dooly and Terrell counties in South Georgia.

“Our farmers do critically important work,” Wall said. “They are economic development engines that also provide us with healthy fresh foods, while rejuvenating our soils and working to feed their own families. That’s almost too much to ask of them. But if we can support them in any way, that’s what we are here for.”

Filling his vacancy as Director of Programs is Emily Cumbie-Drake, former Farm to School Director. Cumbie-Drake now oversees all of Georgia Organics community engagement programs, including its nationally recognized farm to school program, the Georgia Food Oasis program, and the Georgia Organics Annual Conference.

Prior to her work at Georgia Organics, Cumbie-Drake worked at Emory University’s Office of Sustainability Initiatives.

“Working on farm to school with Georgia Organics enabled me to fuse my passions for local, sustainable agriculture and education, and I am honored to work alongside our dedicated staff to empower more Georgians to eat, cook, and grow local, organic food in my new role,” said Cumbie-Drake. “I look forward to working with our team to ensure our programs have the greatest impact possible.”

Together, this dynamic duo brings a wealth of experience in a variety of fields to the forefront of Georgia Organics.

Georgia Organics is thrilled to see continued growth of their team and looks forward to the great accomplishments now possible with such strong leadership.

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