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Meet Our Farmer Services Fellow, Perri Campis

Perri Campis returns to the Georgia Organics team as a Farmer Services Fellow to support our commitment to Georgia farmers. We posed a few questions to catch up.

 You’re back! Tell us about your new role and why you decided to return to Georgia Organics.

 After going back to graduate school, I’ve returned to the Farmer Services Team as the Farmer Services Fellow. I knew when I graduated with a Masters in Public Policy I wanted to continue working on supporting sustainable farmers across the state in any way I could, and this Fellowship is giving me that opportunity.

 What initiatives are you working on for farmers?

I’m thrilled to be working on a healthcare initiative in my new role. This includes general outreach, education and identifying affordable health care options and resources across the state to share with farmers as well as getting involved in healthcare advocacy efforts to ensure our farmers’ voices are heard.

We’re also rolling out a pilot health care enrollment program in partnership with the Kaiser Permanente Bridge Program that will offer two years of free health insurance to farmers who meet the eligibility requirements in a five-county area.

Do you have a spirit vegetable?

I have a spirit legume: Peanut!

 Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get to Sweetwater (Note: Sweetwater Brewing is located across from Georgia Organics’ office)

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