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Meet Angel Mills, Our New Communications Coordinator

Meet our newest addition to the Georgia Organics team, Angel Mills. Angel is originally from Detroit but has lived in Washington, DC, Philadelphia,and most recently São Paulo, Brazil. She is a newbie to the Atlanta area and is looking forward to setting down roots in the peach state. Keep reading to learn more about Angel and her plans for Georgia Organics Communications.

What was your previous job?

Prior to moving to Atlanta, I was completing a State Department program called the Boren Fellowship in São Paulo, Brazil. I lived in São Paulo for one year, studying Portuguese, traveling, and participating in cultural experiences. Before starting the program, I earned my Masters of Education degree at the University of Pennsylvania and Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism at Howard University. During this time, I completed several journalism internships and and studied communicative patterns at non-profit organizations.

Who/What inspired you to do the work you are doing for Georgia Organics?

Growing up in a low-income community in Detroit, I lived far from stores, community gardens, or co-ops selling fresh produce. Consequently, maintaining a healthy lifestyle as a child was challenging. After self-educating myself in healthy living practices as an adult, I became a holistic health advocate and plant based diet enthusiast. I truly believe and live Georgia Organics’ moto “Food is the Answer”.

I was inspired to join the Georgia Organics team because I believe in the work this organization is doing to bring organic food to all Georgians. Georgia Organics is setting an example throughout the nation and I am proud to join their effort.

What do you hope to accomplish at Georgia Organics?

I aim to educate Georgians, specifically people of color and those residing in underresourced communities, about the importance of supporting local farmers, increasing the number of organic farms in the state, and eradicating inequality in food production.

What is your spirit fruit?

Definitely Mangoes. Mangoes are my favorite! I can’t explain my connection to them. We just understand one another.

 You can contact Angel Mills, our new Communications Coordinator, by email at or phone (404) 481-5017.

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