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Chef Stone: Knife Skills for Life

What knives do I need in my kitchen? How do I keep my knives sharp? What on earth is a julienne cut?

Cooking is a portal to health, learning, and community — and knives are a major key to that portal.

In a school kitchen, they not only become tools for meal prep, but the key to new flavors.

Chef Manny Stone is the Community Chef & Culinary Arts Coordinator for the Clarke County School District, and has been teaching students and teachers the ins and outs of the kitchen for years.

We’re thrilled that Chef Stone is bringing his talent to the Farm to School Summit in Augusta, Ga on Friday, October 6 at 11 a.m. for a workshop on Knife Skills.

Chef Manny demonstrates how to properly sharpen a knife during a hands-on Edible Education Knife Skills Workshop.

“The course will encourage a willingness to help shape young palettes through simple additions like fresh herbs,” said Chef Stone. “We have a great opportunity, in feeding young people everyday, not only to feed them but, to teach them lifelong habits which can improve their long-term health.”

Additionally, you’ll learn how to maintain your knives, and why it’s vital to do so.

“You are far more likely to cut yourself using a dull knife than a sharp one,” said Chef Stone. “Which is why we highlight knife maintenance as part of this class.”

With some pointers on how to translate your new skills to your students, as well as perfect your slice, dice, and julienne, Chef Stone’s knife skills workshop has a lot to offer.

It has also approved for 1 hour of continuing education by Georgia Training Approval for Early Care and Learning (Bright from the Start: Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning).

As for that julienne cut, turns out you may not need it much in a school kitchen.

“In most cases, school nutrition staff will most likely never use a julienne cut,” said Chef Stone. “The knife work involved is a bit more time intensive than a volume kitchen will usually feature in their menus. But, a julienne is a thin matchstick cut, which I really love because it is a great way to add fun texture to many dishes.”

That being said, these small cuts are great for maximizing taste tests in the classroom, and can be a good way to teach students fun culinary skills.

As you can see, knife skills add a lot of options to your adventures in the kitchen.

Want to learn more? Sign up for Chef Stone’s Knife Skills class at the Farm to School Summit here.

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