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A Special Note from Georgia Organics Staff and Board on Hurricane Irma

Georgia pack house damaged by Hurricane Irma.


When Irma Hits One of Us, She Hits All of Us

For some of us, the worst is over and we’re starting to see how bad the damage is. For others, the worst is yet to come.

Recovering after a natural disaster can take days, weeks, months, or years. Below are some good resources put together by our good friends at RAFI USA and Farmers Legal Action Group.

If you do experience damage, it is important to document your losses as best you can. More on that below, and we’ll share more disaster recovery resources in the coming days.

We just wanted you to know that we are thinking of you, that we hope you and you family are safe and sound, and we are here to help if we can.

– Georgia Organics Staff and Board.

Here are a few resources Georgia Organics has gathered to help you recover:

What Help is Available?

Documenting Disaster Losses

FSA Disaster Assistance Programs at a Glance

Common Stages of Disaster Recovery

  1. Hurricane Irma is one of the strongest typhoons that ever happened in history. And there are a lot of destruction happens on that day. It’s hard to recover to some people because they lost most of their resources. Good thing that there are people who are willing to help and extend their support.

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