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Bridge Program Insurance

Through a new partnership with the Kaiser Bridge Program and generous support from the Food Well Alliance, Georgia Organics is launching its insurance enrollment pilot program. The Georgia Bridge Program is an effort on the part of Kaiser to serve uninsured Georgians with up to two years of free health insurance under their KPIF GA  Gold 500/20 plan or Signature Gold 500/20 plan. As the newest community partner in the Bridge Program, Georgia Organics identifies individuals meeting the program criteria and assists in the enrollment process.  

Enrollment in the Bridge Program offers access to many health services with no monthly premium, co-pay or deductible for up to 24 months. While the program is limited geographically to Metro Atlanta and by income level, it serves as a useful pilot as Georgia Organics continues to develop opportunities for affordable health insurance to farmers statewide and offers enrollees an opportunity to be a part of the first-ever Farmer Insurance Cohort, which, along with insurance coverage, will have opportunities to participate in educational workshops and provide feedback on the enrollment program.

“Kaiser Permanente believes that the ability to access health care is vitally important,” says Emily Markette, the Senior Specialist in Charitable Health Care and Cover at Kaiser. “Georgia Organics ensures that the un/underinsured population of metro Atlanta have access to health insurance while seeking training that will ultimately help in obtaining self-sufficiency. Our community partnership with agencies such as Georgia Organics is critical in the success of the Bridge Program.”

Open enrollment for 2018 coverage in the marketplace begins November 1, 2017 and ends December 15, 2017. Those that believe they qualify for the Bridge Program can fill out this brief form and receive follow up and assistance in the enrollment process if eligible.

Georgia Organics is unveiling it’s new Get Covered! initiative, which explores affordable health insurance options for Georgia farmers. To learn more, visit our health insurance page or email To see if you’re eligible for the Bridge Program, fill out this brief form.

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