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Behind the Conference: Julia Gardner Asherman

Julia Asherman is a farmer at Rag & Frass Farm and will be speaking during the FSA financing and FarmHacks Saturday Session.  

What role do you play in the local, organic food movement?

I’m a grower first, so at the most basic and fundamental level I am one of the people producing organic food and flowers in GA. I am a part of making that produce available to local communities.

Why are you excited to present about your topic and what are some key takeaways attendees will get from your session?

I’m excited about possibilities, especially overcoming challenges and problem-solving.  I want to help young farmers find ways to buy their farms and have real and long-term security in their projects. It is really exciting and important to the viability of this movement.

I’m excited to present farm hacks again, mostly because I created a new tool since last year, one that I have been mulling over for a few years, and this one is a game changer. I hope hearing about land financing opportunities makes that big step seem more attainable for them.

What is your vision for the future of organic farming in Georgia?

I want to see Georgia reflect new and innovative agriculture models fit to our southeastern climate and markets.  I want to see more new (and young) farmers, more new farms, more successful land transitions, and more support for the lady farmers, queer farmers, and the farmers of color in our community.  I would love to see traditional southern commodity crops (cotton, peanuts, tobacco, sugar cane, etc) reclaimed by sustainable farmers, and see more research and support in helping transition conventional crops and growers to more sustainable production.  I also really want to see the good food movement/sustainable farming community at large (consumers, non-profits, educators, policy-makers, and producers) committed philosophically and tangibly to rural development.

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