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Behind the Conference: Esther Mune, PhD, MPH

Esther N. Mune, PhD, MPH, of Georgia Department of Public Health will be speaking during the “Grow Fit” Training on Wellness Policies for Georgia’s Early Care Environments.

Why are you excited to present about your topic and what are some key takeaways attendees will get from your session?

I am very excited to present on Growing Fit. Growing Fit is a training that is focused on wellness policies for early childcare educators and caregivers in Georgia. Growing Fit targets Early childhood environments because they play a critical role in the comprehensive approach to improving child health. Most children spend most of their time in care outside of their homes. Thus, Early childcare settings are one of the best places to addressing childhood obesity. Attendees will learn how to: assess their current policies and practices; build their plan for improvement; and create, implement and evaluate their policies.

What is your vision for the future of organic farming in Georgia?

My vision for future organic farming in Georgia is for the kids to learn about its existence and to have access to organic farming. I want the kids to be included in this mission. A Farm to Preschool program is an approach to bringing locally produced foods to early care environments. Among other benefits, this program can educate children about local farming and food systems; influence eating habits and food preferences during formative years; improve the quality of foods served in the program; and improve health food access, nutrition and prevent obesity and obesity-related disease.

What about the Georgia Organics conference do you look forward to the most?

I totally love and enjoy the Georgia Organics Conference! I have attended several workshops over the years and they are very educational. I mostly enjoy and look forward to the food taste testing!


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