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Georgia Organics is proud to welcome our new Director of Development Jeff Romig to our team.  Keep reading to learn more about our newest Georgia Organics staff member.

What was your previous job?

From 2013 through 2016, I was the executive director for VOX Teen Communications, where metro Atlanta teens publish uncensored digital content daily for their peers. In 2017, I was a consultant for several nonprofits and political campaigns. I began my career as a journalist, reporting for several newspapers from 1998-2006, before leaving to run the nonprofit I founded in 2005, Involvement through News and Civics, which provided lower income families with free newspaper subscriptions and a program to get them more engaged in their communities.

Who/What inspired you to do the work you are doing for Georgia Organics?

The thread that connects the work I’ve done as a journalist, nonprofit executive, and political strategist is storytelling. Part of the nonprofit consulting I did in 2017 focused on fundraising through storytelling, and Georgia Organics is full of rich stories to tell from each of its core programs. So, I’m excited to learn those stories and help share them with potential funders in order to help ensure that Georgia Organics has the resources it needs to create impact across our state.

What do you hope to accomplish at Georgia Organics?

My goal is to build a storytelling culture that will spotlight the people and impact of Georgia Organics, and tell those stories to the people and organizations whose investments will ensure that our organization grows and thrives, so we can connect organic food from Georgia farms to Georgia families for decades to come.

What is your spirit fruit?

There’s nothing better than a luscious, fresh strawberry.

Jeff Romig can be contacted by email at or phone (404) 481-5012.

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